Our Staff

Mike Auten

Life Story

My story begins with being born into a home where my parents reflected the love of Christ and taught me the ways of the Lord from day one.  Being raised as a preacher's kid I was quite familiar with church life and spent a great deal of my childhood running through the hallways and playing in various classrooms of the churches where my dad was pastor.  

At the age of nine I placed my faith in Jesus while attending Vacation Bible School at our church in Fort Worth, TX.  My faith in the Lord continued to grow through my childhood and into my teen years.  When I reached my senior year in high school the Lord began to speak to me and invite me to join him in his work in a more full-time way. I chose however, to go another direction in life and pursue my own agenda once I completed high school.  The Lord allowed me to do that for a season of time but then He offered His invitation again.  This time He used a convincing offer, so I changed my direction and allowed Him to put me on the path He had chosen for my life.  I have never regretted that decision.  

In preparing for the ministry, my formal education training included: a Bachelors Degree from Ouachita Baptist University, a Masters and Doctorate Degrees in religious education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. 

In my ministry journey God has used me, stretched me, and shaped me within different churches throughout Arkansas and Texas.  He brought me as a staff member to FBC Clyde in 1991.  It has been a blessing to serve and grow along side so many godly men and women who pursue Christ and His will for their lives.  

Hope for FBC Clyde

One of the things I truly enjoy watching is when people connect with God in a personal relationship and then grow with Him in that relationship.  My hope and prayer for FBC Clyde is that we will continue to be a place where Jesus is promoted, the Bible is taught, and relationships with God and others would grow deep.