Our Staff

Ashley Taylor


Preschool and Children's Minister



Life Story

I grew up surrounded by people whose words and actions made it evident that they loved Jesus. One night, at the age of seven, I sat in my dad’s lap as he read me a children's story about Easter and I told him I wanted Jesus in my heart. During high school, I knew God was asking more of me, but I ignored Him for an entire summer. Right before school started my junior year, my pastor preached a sermon titled "Are You Listening?" and I knew it was time to stop running. I surrendered to ministry unsure of what that looked like. During the next few years, God allowed me to watch students grow and show me more of Him as I worked as a youth minister and on a college campus.

Today, instead of lock ins and road trips, God allows me to spend most of my time with my husband and three children. He also allows me to see more of Him through the eyes of our children at FBC as I get to work with them on Sundays and Wednesdays.


Hope for FBC Clyde

My hope for our church is that we work with families to equip them to build a spiritual foundation at church that flows over to their homes.